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The thing about Papgayo is, it's not just exciting to play the course, it's also a thrill ride on the golf carts. The parking lot is full of expensive cars, and you can order lobster from the menu. And as I sipped my nine dollar Gatorade I thought about the golf course back home with the fried foods and shirtless players. What I care most about most, is that the designers make the course visually appealing. I spent some time craning my neck and straining my eyes, looking down this U-shaped valley, trying to catch a glimpse of the flag far below. Even Yoga block Manufacturers with the shirtless course patron, the loss of decorum is more than made up for by the entertaining design and terrain of the course.

Right off you know you're playing somewhere special, but it isn't till the third hole that you really grasp the beauty of the place. Give me something to look at while I wait for my brother to complete his 15 practice swings. I released that even though I'm far from a good golfer. Some of the descents golfers have to negotiate in their carts are best described as precarious. I could have hit balls all day off of the box, but instead I hit only two after my first ball sailed into the trees on the left. At this golf course the only food you can purchase is of the fried variety. It has a tremendous view of the water and the coast, but what makes it so spectacular is the nearly 300 feet of sloping decent down to the flag of this par 4.

However, when I golf at a new course, I usually rate that course not so much on the technical aspects of golf course design, but more on how entertaining I find the terrain. Luckily, a 30 minute drive will take you to a different kind of course. I even think I heard him mutter a prayer. As if anyone would voluntarily try to break the land speed record, in a golf cart, on one of those hills.I'm not much of a golfer, but I do enjoy 18 holes every now and then. From the third hole you get a great view of the pacific ocean with rocks jutting from the sea and the surf breaking in white splendor as far as the eye can see. There still is an element of the sport that I can enjoy. It doesn't matter to me who designed the course, whether it's Nicklaus, Palmer, Miller, or any of the host of golf course designers out there. However, it was at the sixth hole, where I found a hole that embodied everything I love about golf . A couple of holes later we found ourselves at another big downhill tee off. Only this time we had some company. As I finished the course I reflected on how awesome the experience had been. Even with the brutish heat and the five dollar candy bar, this place was as fun as they come. I was there during the dry months and even though the scenery was not as green as I had imagined, the views from some of the tee's were fantastic. There must have been two or three descents where my passenger gripped the side bar with white knuckles. In the end it didn't matter, and I was able to put one down on the fairway.

This was at the Four Seasons golf course at the Peninsula Papagayo, in Costa Rica. For me it's not what's on the menu back at the club house, but what's out there on the course. It was as if they were mocking warm up swing I took. Recently, I was able to play at just such a course. I appreciate grand vistas from the tee box, or impressive trees in the middle of the fairway. . Not only are they steep, but for some reason they have installed speed bumps. A group of howler monkeys relaxed in the trees above us, making distracting noises.

All the elements that make up a good day of golf were there, Monkeys, large lizards, extreme golf cart driving, long drives off of hilltop tee's and most of all stunning views of the pacific ocean and it's rugged coast were present at Papagayo. But when it comes to the golf course, it's about as bland as a rice cake. About two minutes from my house there is a country club. The parking lot is full of old jalopies, and on a hot summer day you might see a golfer with his shirt off.

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Any number over 28 is considered to be overweight, while a BMI over 30 or so seriously raises the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure, just to name a few. Reward Yourself Deprivation is probably the number one cause of abandoned diets. This resolve is apt to be short-lived, however, and when it wears out your fierce longing for your favorite treat will prove too overwhelming to resist, leading to a binge and the subsequent frustrated feelings that follow which all too often are the killing blow to a healthy eating plan. Start by calculating your BMI, or body mass index, which is a mathematical formula for figuring out how high a person's risk is for developing serious health conditions related to being overweight or obese.

Once the BMI tops 30, the risk of heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure increases significantly. Intake and output is what matters, that and increasing your metabolism to its optimal level. Come to terms with the fact that you cannot eat whenever and whatever you feel like. Contrary what many products claim, there is no magical pill, tablet, shake, drink, or food that will somehow mysteriously cause the excess weight to melt away from your body. So save a few calories a week for something sweet or promise yourself a guilt-free cheeseburger after every month of regular exercise. In a modern world centered around convenience, where drive-thrus have made the idea of walking into a store seem like exertion, its no surprise people want to take the easy way out when it comes to weight loss. Eat less, move more, replace calorie-laden caffeinated drinks with cool water-nature's healing elixir-and you'll improve your metabolism, burn fat, and feel and function better all over.Our society's obsession with food has really gotten out of control, and the multi-billion dollar diet industry continually bombarding us with the latest wild claims of miracle weight loss clearly reflects this.

Something as simple as nixing sugary caffeinated drinks in favor of pure fresh water can help jump-start your metabolism and decrease your appetite, PVC yoga mat getting you well on your way to a smaller pair of jeans. The Brain: Your Best Defense in the Battle of the Bulge So just what is your ideal weight and just how many calories should you consume? To find out, calculate your Body Mass Index(BMI), a formula used to predict a person's risk for developing serious diseases linked to excess weight and obesity. A BMI of over 28 is considered overweight. There is no quick fix for excess pounds. But that doesn't mean achieving your goal weight has to be complicated. Get the Facts After you've got the right mindset and have your thoughts in order, it's time to get down to the nitty gritty and figure out exactly what you have to do to not only lose weight, but stay healthy and in shape for good. Never underestimate the power of rewards-every time you reach a goal, give yourself a health-promoting gift like a new bike or a massage. A BMI number over 40 is said to be morbidly obese and requires immediate intervention. But all those pills, shakes, and patches are a waste of hard-earned money.

It's a scientific fact that we must take in less calories than our bodies need to live and function as they should. Multiply your weight by 703, then divide by your height in inches, and then divide once again by your height, still using inches. When you first undertake your new and exciting healthy lifestyle, your resolve will be high and you'll be quick to vow never to have another bite of dessert as long as you live.

To find yours, multiply your weight by 703 and then divide that number twice by your height in inches. Mental discipline is just as important as physical exercise for maintaining the proper weight. Five No Fail Tricks Losing weight the natural way needn't cost a single cent. Changing your relationship with food is the first step in achieving a healthier body. Keep track of the time, duration, and method of exercise and write down everything you eat each day. Pump some Iron Without increasing your expenditure of energy, you'll never be able to lose weight and keep it from creeping back on. To decide how many calories to eat every day to drop pounds, multiply your goal weight by 7. Keeping a food and exercise journal will provide the incentive to keep going when the going gets tough while helping you to catch sabotaging habits and patterns early on.

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